Your concierge in recruitment

What is JobNonStop?

JobNonStop offers an array of recruitment, head-hunting and HR advisory services.
We act as your Concierge.
We set out and achieve operational standards beyond our customers’ expectations.
What makes us unique, is the high efficiency of our work. This is a result of a combination of technology we use aligned with the practical cross-business experience of our key team members.

  • Full service recruitment process – from the very first brief to the ultimate placement of an employee.
  • We act in an innovative and fast manner, always efficiently.
  • We utilise omnichanel communications to aid in the mass recruitment processes.
  • We use Programmatic and targeted communication tailored to the highly profiled vacancies.
  • We provide individual care of Account Manager/Senior Partner.
  • Active JobSelling – a commitment to fulfill all job placements, even for the niche recruitments.
  • Guarantee of employed candidates.
  • JobLinked is a platform that provides access to Candidates for more than a 1500 positions.
  • Thanks to JobLinked, recruitment processes are shorter and cheaper.
  • And with mechanisms for filtering Candidates' competencies and other parameters that are important to you, the quality of recruitment is very high.
  • The only JobBoard service that guarantees the reach of your job offer to the target candidate group.
  • Unlike other job-boards, JobNonStop is not a passive employment portal. We promote each and every job offer proactively towards the target prospects, so even those candidates that are not actively looking for a new career opportunity will be addressed.
  • Individual care of dedicated Account Manager in a „24H” mode.
  • Next to the candidate’s CV, we also provide a verified in depth competency profile.
  • Execution of IT projects without the need to directly employ any professionals.
  • Our efficiency comes from:
    • quality and quantity of our base of IT specialists that we own and manage
    • effective communication, supported by smart technologies, with any IT specialist from around the globe
  • We supply both individual IT specialists and complete teams of professionals, according to the clients’ needs.
  • Reduction of admin and recruitment costs.
  • Global coverage.
  • TalentReco is a platform for candidate referrals and recommendations.
  • For whom?
    • for Freelancers and Companies operating in the recruitment field
    • for any individual
  • If you think you have a candidate whose profile matches our requirements, recommend him.
  • You will be paid for the recommendations used in the recruitment process.
  • Details are in the regulations and in the description of the projects in the TalentReco tab.
  • An excellent way of obtaining any business solutions you need „here and now”.
  • An opportunity to leverage the experience and knowledge of highly skilled professionals for the delivery of business goals and objectives.
  • Wide range of business areas and processes: finance, sales, IT, marketing, restructuring, strategy etc.
  • Full cost and contract duration flexibility.


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